Monday, September 23, 2013

Lifetime Tri Tempe

In the days leading into the race, the weather was very warm. There were rumors that the water temp was going to be 89 degrees.  I was expecting a very warm race, but we got extremely lucky. It was only about 80 degrees at our race start and the water was 83 degrees. I decided to wear no skin suit this time since I regretted wearing one in Des Moines for Hy Vee.

As I looked at the start line I could see that the swimmers had completely spread themselves out.  When the gun went off Helle Fredriksen went to the front very quickly and gapped all of us. I was in shock because it anyone other than Sara McLarty.  Super swimmers Lauren Brandon and Sara had raced the Super Sprint in Vegas just two day earlier so they didn’t have the “get out” speed they usual have. However, they came through after a few hundred meters, and set their usual blistering pace. Helle and I just couldn’t quite hold their feet.  By the time we exited the swim, we had lost about 1min. 

I got on to the bike and felt fantastic.  The course had some tight corners due to the fact that we were limited to just one car lane for most of the course.  I caught Sara McLarty and Lauren Brandon about 10min into the bike.  I moved into the lead and pushed hard to gain as much advantage as I could going onto the run.  Just as the bike was finishing I was able to catch up to a few pro men, who are always great to run with.

I dismounted my bike and was happy to find that my legs were feeling pretty good!
As I started onto the run I wasn’t sure what my gap was to Helle, but I figured it was around a minute.   I absolutely loved this run course, though I was hurting, it was still beautiful.  I came through on the first lap and didn’t get a split but I could see her going over the bridge as I was going under.  I had no sensation of whether that was 30 seconds or a minute. I felt like she was RIGHT behind me.  As I went through 4 miles, I willed my body to find another gear.  At 5 miles an age-group male went by me and it gave me the kick-in-the-butt that I needed to push to the finish. I refused to look back.  I finally saw Jarrod and he let me know that I had a good gap and I could enjoy my victory for the last bit of the run. 

Me & Helle post race
When I crossed the finish line, I was excited to see Cam Dye chatting with the race announcer about his win. I was so happy for him; I had just learned that his newly renovated home was severely damaged by the flooding in Boulder.  He and has family had moved into just 8 days prior to the flood, and had to move out again immediately.  Cam also raced and final’ed the super sprint in Vegas two days ago.  Despite all the adversity he faced, he put together two amazing back-to-back performances. Congrats Cam!

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my performance.  I am looking forward to racing in Dallas in just two weeks. This will be the 6th race in the Lifetime Series.  This season has just flown by, it's hard to believe it's already almost over.  Thank you for reading!!

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